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The Mafia Cookbook by Barbara LaRocco Product Detail:
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  • History of Recipes :
    The recipes in this book were passed down from my grandfather, a founding member of the Gangs of New York, to my NYPD detective dad who investigated organized crime out of the famed 41st Precinct , known as ” Fort Apache the Bronx,” to my restaurant entrepreneur brother, Anthony LaRocco Jr. who helped bring these recipes to life.

    Anthony La Rocco, Humpty Jackson, Frank Costello, Tommy Lucchese (aka Three-fingers Brown) Photo From left to right:
    Anthony La Rocco, Humpty Jackson, Frank Costello, Tommy Lucchese (aka Three-fingers Brown).

    Anthony La Rocco a cop at Fort Apache the Bronx Anthony La Rocco, NYPD

    Restaurant entrepreneur & chef, Anthony La Rocco, creator of family-style Italian restaurants Tony di Napoli’s in Manhattan and two Fratelli di Napolis in Atlanta, GA, as well as the Tap Room in Underground Atlanta.

    Barbara La Rocco Author of Going Coastal New York City Guide Barbar La Rocco Author of The Mafia Cook Book, Going Coastal New York City Guidebook and founder of Going Coastal Inc.

    From the Back Cover:
    "...before any story of cooking begins, crime is inevitable." Alice B. Toklas Cookbook. Trow all da ingredients togedda and let 'em simmer tirty minutes uncuva'd. Serve wid dismembered lemon and a glass of red wine ... This humorous collection of mafia recipes, written in colloquial mob-style, is salt-and-peppered with references to infamous dons and riddled with anecdotes. From pesto to paesan pasta, and greaseballs to cheesecake, this book contains more than 80 killer recipes with gangland connections but without the bullets.

    About the Author:
    Barbara La Rocco was born in the Bronx, as the third child of a NYPD Detective who spent much of his 25-year career investigating organized crime. After earning a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, she traveled the United States working in resort communities from Hilton Head, South Carolina, to Las Vegas, Nevada. Barbara spent 20 years in the event and entertainment industries, having been director of sponsorship for the New York Racing Association and the TV Food Network. Today, Barbara lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she commits her time to raising awareness of coastal issues and urban waterfronts through the nonprofit she founded Going Coastal, Inc. She writes and publishes guidebooks to urban waterfronts and is the author of "Going Coastal New York City." La Rocco writes primarily about coastal environments now but still has a keen interest in what goes on inside the mob.

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